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Get the environmental scores CS'score® - environmental scores of your construction sites
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Choose the best materials from the start of the project
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Increase your skills to support your clients in their eco-constructionprojects
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Greenhouse gases on planet Earth

The ecological footprint of the building is a major issue!

The building sector accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France and Europe. Global warming has been scientifically proven, and building professionals have a role to play.

of GHGs are emitted during construction*.
46 Mt
of construction waste each year.*

* Source ADEME

Bat'impact®: an accessible environmental score

The CS'score® is a complex calculation system in a very simple to use tool. It allows you to assess the environmental impact of an interior design project (and soon other types of project) without being an expert in environmental engineering.

Carbon Saver SAS, in partnership with the eco-design agency Cooperative MU, has developed the CS'score®. This calculation method is based on the analysis of data from more than 50 interior design projects.

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Mobile and desktop site
The CS'score®: an accessible environmental score.
Choose the "right materials" and "right practices" at the design stage.

Choosing the "right materials" and "good practices" right from the design phase

For each element of a project, visual indicators help architects to choose low environmental impact materials at a glance.

A specific questionnaire for each project encourages architects to ask themselves which elements have the greatest impact. Depending on the answers chosen, the CS'score® changes in real time.

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Concrete proposals prioritized to improve project scores

In addition to the CS'score®, the architect obtains a detailed report with relevant improvement advice
which evolves with the project.

From the early design phases to the implementation of the work, the architect can modify his answers to the questionnaire. The mobile site instantly updates a detailed report with new areas for improvement.

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Concrete proposals prioritised to improve project scores.
The CS'score®: an accessible environmental score.
Carbon Saver ® certification

Have your projects and organization certified by Carbon Saver

The Bat'Impact score you optimize with Carbon Saver becomes the real-world goal. Carbon Saver and its partners will verify compliance between the original intent and the final outcome to certify your project's environmental excellence after implementation. For projects and organizations with an average score above 80, Carbon Saver awards certification.
If your agency maintains an average score above 80 across all projects (five or more), Carbon Saver certifies your organization.

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Interior designers

Get the CS'score®environmental score of your interior design project in a few minutes...
And the advice that goes with it!

Craftsmen, contractors, project managers.

Increase your skills to support your clients in theireco-construction projects!

The Carbon Saver user community

The Carbon Saver web application is designed and developed in collaboration with its user community architects, interior designers, project managers, contractors and craftsmen. This active and regular co-creation process between building professionals and IT developers has enabled us to create an eco-design tool that can be used by architects, interior designers, builders, contractors and tool tool to support users throughout their projects.

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"The companion of my profession as an architect.

A simple tool [...] that allows me to learn on a daily basis, to design my projects and renovate my worksites with a healthier approach to housing. On the app I don't just calculate the impact of my worksite, I push my customers and my agency to participate in today's transition."

‍MeredithFrichet , Meredith Agency
Interior designer

"To validate the environmental impact of my projects in concrete terms.

Carbon Saver has allowed me to concretely validate the environmental impact of my projects, and to be able to quantify to my clients the "savings" made through reuse and the choice of healthy and local materials"

Marine Hubert
Atelier Colibri
Interior designer

"To have an overview of the score of a project in progress.

The carbon saver application allowed me to adjust the choices I was going to propose to clients to reduce my impact. It also allowed me to learn things, or to ask myself more questions where I hadn't yet asked myself about the impact of a particular choice."

Studio Coralie Vasseur
Decorator and interior designer

"Pushing ecological design even further.

In my design projects, an important value for me is to reduce our ecological impact. I discovered Carbon Saver a few weeks ago and it's a tool that allows me to evaluate if my project respects this intention, but also gives me avenues for improvement to push ecological design even further."

Julie Lejeune Design
Interior designer and set designer

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Frequently asked questions

How to access the mobile site?

You can access the Carbon Saver mobile site very easily with a web browser from your phone, tablet or computer. Just go to this link:

Is the site available on mobile only?

Once you have created your account, you can find your project from all your devices, phone, tablet or computer. Just go to this web link:

Why is it free?

Carbon Saver's mission is simple: to limit the environmental impact of buildings in order to preserve the planet by simplifying the use of complex scientific calculations. We believe that preserving our environment is a common good, and we have been supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Public Investment Bank (BPI) since our creation. It has always seemed natural to us to offer a simple and free version to as many people as possible, because we firmly believe that acting for the environment is vital, and that each actor can make a difference.

In addition to this free version, we already have more complex paid versions for professionals! It is these paid versions that will ensure the sustainability and development of our solutions in France and soon on an international scale.