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Frequently asked questions

How to access the application?

You can access the Carbon Saver Web App very easily with a web browser from your phone, tablet or computer. Just go to this web link:

Is the application available only on mobile?

Once you have created your account, you can find your project from all your devices, phone, tablet or computer. Just go to this web link:

Why is it free?

Carbon Saver's mission is simple: to limit the environmental impact of buildings in order to preserve the planet by simplifying the use of complex scientific calculations. We believe that preserving our environment is a common good, and we have been supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Public Investment Bank (BPI) since our creation. It has always seemed natural to us to offer a simple and free version to as many people as possible, because we firmly believe that acting for the environment is vital, that each actor can make a difference.

In addition to this free version, we already have more complex paid versions for professionals! It is these paid versions that will ensure the sustainability and development of our solutions in France and soon on an international scale.